Saturday, 29 January 2011

Weekend in Sussex

As my brother is off to Australia for six weeks and I will have left for NZ by the time he gets back i thought i had better come and see it will be the autumn before we see each other again.

arrived last night, having spent nearly 3 hours on the road for a journey that usually takes between 1 and 2 hours....if i didn't have to go over the dartford tunnel it would have been quicker....that is my excuse.
Actually it didn't take too long to get over the bridge even though it was Friday evening, the reason perhaps that it took longer than normal is because.....
muggins went wrong on the roadways......i have driven this route 100s of times but this time for some reason i missed a turning and ended up in Bewbush in Sussex and then had to negotiate my way back to the A24.

Having got to West Chiltington I missed the turning into John's road, well it was dark, and his road is an unmade i think i should be forgiven.

Saturday morning i went to Worthing library to try and get information about my old school which closed in 1966 - i think i left in 1964/5 so it didn't close because of me and my antics. Managed to get some paper cuttings and a picture of the school for my scrapbooking project then walked to Broadwater where I had parked the car. I was too mean to try and park and pay exorbitant parking fees it was blooming freezing Sussex anyway a 25 minute walk did me good, mind you it was blooming freezing.

Quiet night in tonight....they have been gallivanting out a lot and so a log fire, some wine and a nice meal......sounds good to me.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

made a mistake in the last one about Amsterdam

can't find how to edit it, everytime I hit edit it won't let me edit the blooming thing...
well here we are, me pointing to my name... and the three of us, wet and COLD....

Amsterdam January 2011

last weekend i went to Amsterdam with my 13 year old grandson and 30 something year old son, Robert. It was WET, COLD AND WINDY but I suppose one can't expect much else in January. Who came up with the idea of going in January - oh me...silly me.

Yes this is a CLOG. a bit big for me but you could sit in it.
We had a good time though but the euros don't go far do they.

This was going to be a bonding weekend before I go away for a few months, (no not prison - how can you think that of me) I am going to visit my daughter in New Zealand, going from winter here to Autum there! again not the best planning. On the way I am going to stay in Los Angeles for a week with a cousin whom I have never met....hope he and his wife like me. Back to talking about Amsterdam.......

Ryan was rather interested in the red light district and the ladies in the windows! says he is going back when he is 16....however his mother didn't agree to that...I wonder why.

We did some cultural things like visit the Van Gogh museum...not sure that I like his pictures that much, one or two but i prefer Leonardo and Rembrandt. Not that I know much about art, but you do know what you like don't you.

They even had sign up with my name on it....

We also went to the Anne Frank House...very moving and I was close to tears, the vibes were still there.

Happy Thursday

What can I say, today I had a day off from work, I am now working part time but finish my contract on the 25th February. I have been covering maternity leave for the last six months or so and cannot believe the time has flown so fast. I have been working for a lovely lady psychiatrist who is sooooooooooooo busy. However the job has been great and of course the extra dosh on top of my pension is wonderful. I am a bit worried though whether I will cope with being retired.

No doubt my wonderful daughter will keep me occupied as she is in her third year of uni in New ZEaland and the three grandsons will also keep me occupied.

Happy Thursday because I had Sue and Peter round to have lunch with me and we sat and talked and went through the scrapbooking albums for about 5 hours, thanks you two for a lovely relaxing afternoon....nice change from rushing around having to be somewhere.

Monday, 10 January 2011

The King[s Speech

I have just come back from the cinema to see COLIN FIRTH, (to me he is still Mr. Darcy) as King George VI...he was brilliant. I loved the whole film and Helena Bonham Carter was excellent as Q.E. Queen Mother.
Highly recommend this film, hope I can watch it again on the plane when I go to see the family in the antipodes...the flights are long enough to watch many films.
The trouble is I get bored on long flights, you can only watch so much t.v. or read x amount before you get tired of everything. I pray to SLEEP but it isn't always easy to sleep on planes...hopefully Virgin Atlantic will be kind to me and not book all the premium seats lovely nephew Richard works for Virgin and has arranged for me to be UPGRADED but only if there are seats my dear friends start praying for me.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Oh What a Rainy Day

Well I guess it had to be rainy, after all we haven't had much rain lately only snow and ice! off to the Suffolk cottage today with the girls from the HIYA CROP, Jayne and Claire as Fabi can't make it - until Sunday with the cameras, anyone got a waterproof case for the Nikon I could borrow oh and some wellies.

I am determined to get Auntie Fairy to take a walk at Snape even if it is raining...If i mention the word walk she thinks I am swearing at her. I certainly need the exercise in order to get into training for my forthcoming trip to see Jo et al in NZ. Jo will insist on my walking through forests or up blooming volcanos or once the trip to Amsterdam is over next weekend I think it will have to be 3 milkshakes a day and have my mouth wired so that food can't find a way into the mouth.

if i manage to get any shots in the rain i will upload beautiful now, see you later.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Did i say i didn't mind looking silly....well we found this CROWN and it felt only right that I should try it on.....


I think I look rather wistful in this one

perhaps I am wishing I was really a not BOUDICA or Cartimandua....
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Raghead aka Lyn

I went to Egypt in September and it was so blooming hot I decided I didn't mind if i looked a bit idiotic so I got our guide to make me a it is...not very flattering however does that matter too much as long as I am comfortable!
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2011 - New Year Resolution

New Year has come and gone and also thankfully Christmas. I am the original Bah is not that I am tight i do like giving presents etc. it is all the hype and consumerism I don't like so next year I am either going to holiday somewhere where they don't have Christmas OR probably more appropriately, I am going to offer to do some charity work with the homeless. On the other hand if my residency papers have arrived then I may just travel to New Zealand and spend Christmas and New Year in Australasia...far more pleasant than the northern hemisphere's climes.

So New Year resolutions - i am not going to bother because, they only seem to last for a very very short period of time before they get broken however, I have decided to try and become more of a writer hence the blogspot. Also when I go to visit the family overseas my intention is to keep a diary on the blogspot and upload photos, yes photos of ME, hopefully being silly. You can then all see what I am up to! (or not).

Do you know the older I get the more I like being is too short to take it too seriously, i just would like more people to be silly with! However Auntie Fairy (aka Jayne) and I manage with our friends Fabiana and Claire aka they Hiya Crop girls do manage to go away at weekends occasionally to scrapbook, eat too much, play with cameras, play being the operative word (in my case anyway) because the theory eludes me. I want to be the next best camera person but somehow I can never remember which button I should be using!

I will try and upload a couple of silly photos of me so you get a taste as and when I can find them on the computer to upload.
HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you all be blessed with good health and happiness.