Sunday, 19 May 2013

Is it really nearly two years since I blogged.  Where does the time go, everyday I plan to write a diary and most days I do not.  I am LAZY, it is now 20 May 2013!
In November 2012 I left Blighty having been given a two years residency visa to live in New Zealand.  I retired from the NHS in 2010 and wanted some adventure so decided it was time for me to fulfil my dream of travelling the world.  Well, I didn't get far really because I was offered some temporary work back with the NHS and decided that it would be worth doing as it would enable me to save some money for my trip to New Zealand.  I can't believe that since 2006 I was about to visit NZ for the 9th time.  Yes nine times in 8 years.  So I guess I am really lucky to have been able to see my beloved family at least once a year.

On arrival at Auckland and leaving the airport one gets such a feeling of openness and space and the AIR, it is so different, the sky is so blue, the green trees against the blue sky are just so clear, obviously less pollution than at home. 

My initial plan was to stay for 185 days as the requirement of my temporary residency states that I need to spend at least this amount of days in the first year and again in the second year to be able to apply for permanent residency.  Alternatively I could stay for 18 months in one go and then apply but that isn't feasible really as I have family in the UK where I feel more needed.  So at this moment in time I have spent nearly six months here but am staying until August 12th 2013 as Jo will be 40 on the 6th August and I want to be here for her birthday especially since I missed her Graduation.

I take my hat off to Jo and Dean and the boys surviving the three years Jo spent at Auckland University.  It wasn't easy for anyone as she had to work extremely hard and study plus run a household with husband and three very active boys.  However I am very proud to say that she not only graduated but was one of the top three students for the course and she now has the letters for  Bachelor of Education after her name.  VERY WELL DONE JO, I am exceedingly proud of you.
I wanted to add a picture of Jo in her mortar board but......I don't have one on the computer so maybe add at a later date.

blog to be continued...........................